Who We Are

I Work 4 U Entertainment is an Encino-based business management firm launched in 1995 by Leland Pookey Wigington. I Work 4 U specializes in business management and accounting services to entertainment individuals and businesses as well as other high net worth individuals. The company has more than 22 years of managing personal and business affairs for athletes, entertainers and other high net worth individuals. I Work 4 U has promoted successful comics such as Dave Chappelle, Jamie Foxx, DeRay Davis, and Jon Lovitz. The agency also has worked with a diverse set of clients from professional athletes, music artists, writers, producers, and actors.


Leland Pookey Wigington

‚ÄčLeland Pookey Wigington grew up in Inglewood, California as a student athlete. He received a full basketball scholarship after becoming a Junior College All American and played for Seton Hall University, where he was inducted into their basketball hall of fame.

After graduating with a dual degree in accounting and marketing, Wigington realized that he had a flair for business and invested in a dry cleaning business as well as real estate ventures…

Services We Provide






Overall Approach

Our approach is based on complete transparency of where money is and where it goes. We hear often about the challenges our clients have had prior to coming to us with understanding how money is spent. We provide a complete customized approach that includes spending patterns, habits, event reconciliations and a breakdown of all revenue and all expenses. We simplify the process but ensure that our clients are included in every step of the way.

Providing a complete solution for high profile clients.