I Work 4 U Entertainment is an Encino-based business management firm launched in 1995 by Leland Pookey Wigington. I Work 4 U specializes in business management and accounting services to entertainment individuals and businesses as well as other high net worth individuals. The company has more than 22 years of managing personal and business affairs for athletes,entertainers and other high net worth individuals. I Work 4 U has promoted successful comics such as Dave Chappelle, Jamie Foxx, DeRay Davis, and Jon Lovitz. The agency also has worked with a diverse set of clients from professional athletes, music artists, writers, producers, and actors.

​I Work 4 U works with the top brands in entertainment – many with an international presence and affiliations with top brands including Nike, Coors Miller, Rally Health and more.

I Work 4 U Entertainment is a boutique agency that provides expertise in the following areas: Tax Management, Accounting, Wealth Management, Concierge Services, Wealth & Estate Planning.

The legacy you create and live and the legacy you leave is a paramount focus of our firm. We focus on transparency while ensuring that your overall fiscal wealth management is comprised of sound business processes to provide the maximum results for your hard work for your future and the future of those you love.

The mission of the firm is to provide complete financial transparency and stellar holistic service for clients. We collaborate through an understanding that legacy and sustainable growth are keys for success. Our work involves creating an impactful legacy for those who rise above, and who don’t take the status quo as the answer. We know what it’s like to amass a large amount of wealth from humble beginnings and that even with humble beginnings; your future is limited only by a particular mindset and perceived ability to grow. I Work 4 U sees ourselves as part of the team that focuses on bringing that growth to you.