Our approach is based on complete transparency of where money is and where it goes. We hear often about the challenges our clients have had prior to coming to us with understanding how money is spent. We provide a complete customized approach that includes spending patterns, habits, event reconciliations and a breakdown of all revenue and all expenses. We simplify the process but ensure that our clients are included in every step of the way.

We take a holistic approach to managing our clients’ lives from debt management, business and real estate acquisitions and administration, philanthropic activities, contract administration, investment and insurance administration, estate planning management, and concierge services.

With the role as financial adviser the company philosophy is no matter how talented our clients are, not only do they have to pay taxes, but they should also set up their brand and business structure(s) properly. Our team of Certified Accountants has more than 40 years of dealing with the challenging multi-state domestic and multi-country international taxes and tax planning services.